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But it sure is a lot better when sex isn’t a struggle


Sex Therapist: West Village/Greenwich Village, NYC & Melville, LI

Are you struggling with issues around sex? Dr. Cynthia Pizzulli is a certified sex therapist with 30+ years of experience located in West Village/Greenwich Village, Gramercy Park, NYC & Melville, LI. She is passionate about helping folks manage all-things sex related including sexual dysfunction, LGBTQIA+ issues, sexless marriage, orientation, identity, infidelity, arousal, pleasure, and shame/guilt cycles.

When you are experiencing challenges with sexual intimacy in your romantic relationship, it can feel isolating and overwhelming. Couples tend to catastrophize sexual problems, thinking this is some indication that their relationship is doomed. Problems with sex are extremely common—Yet folks resist reaching out for help because they are ashamed or fear they may be judged. This is why seeking help from an experienced certified sex therapist—One who is seasoned at discussing sexual issues—Can be both helpful and rewarding. Often you just need a little ‘tweak’ to the sex-part of your relationship to put you on a more connected path.

You’d be surprised to hear that the majority of people really don’t have a good handle on how to have fulfilling sex. They think what they see on social media and on TV and in the movies (including erotic video) is the norm. They grew up with shame-based blueprints about sex. This leads to a lot of blaming, shaming, and a whole lot of what I call ‘non-sex’. In sex therapy, you have the opportunity to re-write your sexual narrative so that it is more healthy.

In my West Village/Greenwich Village, NYC & Melville, LI sex therapy practice, it is my philosophy to provide a ‘blush-free’ environment in which individuals and couples can discuss and explore all sexual aspects of their lives. We also take a look at how the non-sexual issues can impact the sexual issues and visa versa. Most folks are pretty nervous when they first come into the office. After all, how often do you discuss sex with a person you’ve just met? It is my job as a sex therapist to guide you through the process—So there’s no reason to arrive prepared with anything other than your willingness. Just pat yourself on the back for starting the sex therapy journey!

The Benefits of Visiting a Sex Therapist for Couples and Individuals 

When you delve into counseling with a sex therapist, you learn about a lot more than sex and sexuality. You gain greater insight and awareness about yourself and your life in general. In couples sex therapy, you will learn things about each other that can improve connection and fulfillment. Life may not be all about sex, but it sure is a lot better when sex is not a struggle.

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