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A therapist who believes there is not just “one way” to do treatment, I use an integrative approach to helping my patients.

Dr. Cynthia Pizzulli is a New York based individual and couples therapist who helps her patients have healthier and more fulfilling relationships with themselves and others.


Huntington Family & Couples Therapist with 30 years experience

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There’s nothing that can derail a perfectly contented life more than a challenging relationship. Whether you’re having conflict in your marriage, battling with your adolescent daughter, dealing with a narcissistic boss, or ready to strangle your best friend from high-school, relationship issues are the ‘make-or-break’ factor when it comes to a happy life — And they are the primary reason folks call me for psychotherapy.

People need people — Having interactions, or relationships, with others is an essential part of the human condition, with healthy relationships being the ultimate goal.
But it isn’t only interpersonal relationships that cause us distress. It’s our relationships with EVERYTHING. It’s your relationship with that glass of wine you have every day when you get home from work, your romance with your cell-phone that you promised your wife you’d stop using after 9:00PM, your desire for just another doughnut since you’re planning to start your diet tomorrow, your need to weigh yourself for the 3rd time today, your fixation with pornography – All of these relationships have just as much impact on your life as those with human beings.
In all my years of practice as an individual, couples and family therapist, I can tell you that every single problem I’ve ever dealt with has been about some kind of unhealthy relationship. When any person, thing, or action interferes with your daily functioning or negatively impacts those most important to you, your life can become unbearable.

My job is to help others have healthy relationships…And the most important relationship is the one with yourself….

As a Huntington & NYC individual, couples, and marriage therapist I am proud to have served my community, including Dix Hills, Melville, Syosset, West Village/Greenwich Village and surrounding areas for the past 30 years. Recently, I have expanded my practice to provide psychotherapy to folks all over the state of NY via telehealth. If you feel it is time for change, drop me an e-mail or a voicemail. I’d love to chat with you about how we can improve your life together.


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Couples / Relationship Problems

Whether you’ve just started dating or have been married for a zillion years, couples work can be the thing you need to ‘tweak’ your relationship. Avoidance and denial aren’t going to fix anything, but therapy can.

Sexual Issues

Your relationship to your sexual-self and your sexual response is important. As a certified sex therapist, Dr. Cynthia can help with all-things sex-related including low-drive, porn fixations, performance anxiety, being lost in the ‘friend-zone’ and overall improvement of sexual satisfaction in your life.

Body Image / Disordered Eating

Food should be a pleasurable part of life — Not a source of conflict and self-loathing. Psychotherapy aimed at improving your relationship with food and your body can make all the difference in your mood and self-esteem.


Grappling with your sexual orientation and/or gender identity wreaks havoc on your relationship with yourself. This is the place to get guidance on living your authentic life on your own terms.

Depression / Anxiety

There are a lot of reasons to feel down and anxious these days. But if your blue-mood becomes persistent hopelessness or your anxiety is so bad you can’t distract yourself from it even by binge watching TV, it’s time for some psychotherapy. You’d be surprised by how much talking about it can help.

Parenting Coaching

Nothing is more stressful than having chaotic and ineffective relationships with your children. And that goes for the toddlers and teens as well as your grown-up-out-of the house kids. Gaining some insight into how best to effect a change with parent-child relationships can be just what you need to feel more in control of your life.

Family Therapy

Sometimes, having your own individual therapy isn’t enough to make a difference when you go home to multiple chaotic relationships. It may be time for the whole family to work together in order to help everyone get along. And it can be a fun (yes fun) way to connect in this disconnected climate we live in.

Being Single / Loneliness

Just being solo can cause a great deal of stress, anxiety, and sadness. When you don’t have a relationship that lifts you up or you are suffering from the loss of a partner, it’s nearly impossible to have a fulfilling relationship with yourself. Talking it thru in psychotherapy can be the way out of a stuck place.

Corporate Psychoanalysis / Executive Coaching

As a practitioner with a diverse background ranging from business to mental health, Dr. Cynthia provides a unique approach to helping those who feel ‘stuck’ in their work performance. You career is your identity so your relationship to it is crucial to life fulfillment. Sessions for you and/or your management staff can make a huge impact on your business.

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