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Whether you’ve just started dating or have been married for a zillion years, couples work can be the thing you need to ‘tweak’ your relationship


Marriage/Couples Therapist: West Village/Greenwich Village, NYC & Melville, LI

Are you struggling to see eye-to-eye in your marriage? Are you and your partner of 2-3 years finding the ‘honeymoon’ period over and wondering if you should consider marriage or call it quits? Whether you’ve just started dating or have been in a marriage for a zillion years, couples therapy can be the thing you need to ‘tweak your relationship. Dr. Cynthia Pizzulli has been helping married and dating couples for over 30 years in Melville, West Village/Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Flatiron, Union Square to navigate the waters of relating. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Sex Therapist, she is passionate about helping couples stay together and improve their marriage/relationship.

One thing that doesn’t help your marriage/romantic relationship is avoidance and denial. I can tell you that the number-one reason couples end up in my practice is because they didn’t deal with the problems when things started to go sour. Couples hope their relationship issues will just work themselves out over time. The truth is, partners don’t have the tools to manage couple conflicts. When you get into a marriage, nobody gives you what you need for success. That’s why working with a marriage and couples therapist is crucial. Only then can you make sense of what is happening and begin to improve the relationship.

Every marriage has conflicts. Even couples who have been together for short periods of time fight. The trick is to manage that conflict in the healthiest way possible-While still maintaining connection in the process. In my West Village/Greenwich Village, NYC & Melville, LI practices, we work together on defining the things couples fight over and over about. Marriage/romantic relationships are about listening unconditionally, learning effective ways to be understood, not getting wounded and injured all the time, and finding a way to remember that your partner loves you even when they are using tone/language that is upsetting. Resentment and punishment are toxic to marriage. Couples that get a handle on negative feelings early on are more prepared to manage relating.

Folks come in for couples therapy presenting with a variety of problems including sexual issues, parenting challenges, infidelity, and most often the run-of-the mill constant bickering that results from an abundance of differing opinions about everything under the sun. Getting to the truth about what causes hurt and resentment can be difficult. I’m not going to tell you that marriage and couples therapy is easy. But when you embark on this journey you have an opportunity to gain more insight about yourself, your partner and your relationship. And everything will teach you can be applied to all of the other relationships in your life.

 In my practice I use an integrative approach to marriage therapy and couples therapy. Furthermore, it should be unique and tailored to each couple that seeks help. I am passionate about providing marriage therapy and couples counseling in a non-judgmental setting. Whether you are in a traditional marriage, one that is atypical by societal standards, or are in a same. gender relationship, you can rest assured that your subjective experience will be respected.

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