You’re in bed with a green-eyed monster…

You’re in bed with a green-eyed monster…


Women are crazy jealous.  They will think you are cheating even when you aren’t.

She constantly questions your integrity—She checks up on you when you’re out with friends. She gives you a hard time when you haven’t replied to her texts in the last 20 minutes. If you even look at another female, she freaks out.

So–Why are women so possessive, and smothering?

The truth is that women are insecure because they’ve been taught to be. Society has made women believe this horrible myth that you can NEVER trust a man. And any woman who does, is made to feel stupid and naïve.

It’s not really your fault. Even if you do everything right, your sweetheart will do everything she can to protect herself from looking like a stupid woman. She’s afraid of getting a broken heart. She’s afraid of being taken for a fool.

And I’ll tell you how this will play out. You will get annoyed with ‘The Crazy”. You’ll stop answering the phone when she calls and returning her texts just because you’re trying to set boundaries. The thinking is that “I don’t deserve to be constantly questioned about where I am and who I’m with and what I’m doing”.

But this just makes it worse. Because now you are proving her right: That you aren’t dependable and can’t be trusted. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You might even entertain the idea of cheating on her even though you really have no desire to. You’ll think, “Why not? She thinks I’m a ‘dog’ so why don’t I just do it anyway?”.

If you truly love this woman and want to be a part of a healthy relationship, you have to stop making this all about you. Stop taking it so personally. Playing passive aggressive games is immature and will sabotage the relationship.

Instead of punishing her by ignoring her, tell her that you understand that society—and possibly the fact that her Dad cheated on her Mom or her ex-boyfriend was a jerk—Has made her insecure. Tell her that you get that she’s afraid of getting hurt. And tell her as often as she needs to hear it that you love her and are going to be with her for the long-haul.

Explain to her that if you don’t text her right away it’s because YOU are secure in the relationship. It isn’t necessary to have constant contact with her since she’s always in your heart and in your mind.

And tell her that if she sticks with you, time will show her what she’s hoping is true: That good men are not really that hard to find. And that she’s found one in you.

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